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TwinkleBoo provides health-first baby clothing that allows babies to thermoregulate, minimising a risk of SIDS and overheating as well as ensures no skin irritation, leading to better sleep, healthy growth, active playtime for brain development & overall mental wellbeing for your baby. Positive impact and feedback.


  • £30k already committed, SEIS eligible investment
  • Efficient and scalable business model with 51% Gross Profit Margin
  • Health-first babywear with no competitors in the UK/US/EU at present
  • Over 380 items are sold with Excellent (4.7 out of 5) Trustpilot rating
  • 15% Average MoM growth of customer email database

The Business


Babies are born different to adults:

🔴 Babies’ skin is 5 times thinner than the adults.

🔴 50% of all babies are born with sensitive skin.

🔴 ~20% of all babies are born with eczema (AD). Their parents are 4-8 times more likely to average fewer than 6 hours of sleep per night.

🔴 Babies are unable to thermoregulate till the age of 6 months, which puts them at a life-threatening risk of overheating and

🔴 Overheating itself:
- raises the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
- may lead to heat rash
- negatively affects babies’ sleep
, hence the quality of life of all family members
- creates an uncomfortable environment, causing babies to cry more. This exhausts parents’ mental and physical wellbeing.


🟢 Our innovative babywear features external seams for a womb-like comfort, safeguarding infants' delicate skin from irritation.
> Does not exist in the market and is not a trend yet.

🟢 Our openwork cotton range helps to protect babies from overheating. This leads to better sleep, aiding healthy physical growth, and creating a comfortable environment that soothes baby's skin, contributing to their mental well-being and brain development.
> Minimal availability in the market and is not a trend yet.

🟢 GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Clothes help to reduce chances of skin allergies and irritation and eliminate microplastic content in clothes.
> Medium availability in the market and is an increasing trend.

The Market

The market is experiencing steady growth driven by the growing awareness among individuals about the importance of safe and organic materials to prevent allergies and skin irritations, the thriving e-commerce sector, and increasing social media influence.

The global organic baby apparel market is projected to grow from £1.41bn to £2.21bn, at a CAGR of 6.67% from 2023 to 2029.

TwinkleBoo sees its niche competition as a medium and positions itself as a technology-first e-commerce business, making its operational model and marketing strategies flexible to adapt to any needs.

  • TAM (Baby Clothes Market Size Worldwide): £34.61bn billion
  • SAM (Organic Baby Clothes Market Size Worldwide): £1.41 billion
  • SOM (Predicted TwinkleBoo Market Size): £14 million


Bebetto Pyjamas 0-1 Months / Blue Navy Life Outside Seams Openwork Cotton Pyjamas Set
  • £65k+ of own capital invested in TwinkleBoo
  • Two goods shipments from the Turkish brands Bebetto & BabyCosy Organic are made
  • nventory is sorted and indexed in the warehouse
  • Multiple software vendors are set up and running (website, analytics, content studio, etc.)
  • The complete logistics cycle is up and running (warehouse, packaging station, postal service, etc.)
  • Over 410 items are sold, amounting to £6.5k
  • Increasing Average Order Value from £27 to £56 from March toDecember 2023 for UK, $160 for US
  • Increasing Conversion Rate from 0.4% in March 2023 to 0.91% in August 2023
  • Over 1000 active email subscribers, 15% average MoM growth
  • Average units per transaction: 1.8 for UK, 8 for US
  • Excellent (4.7 out of 5) Trustpilot rating


Year 1

The proceeds of the angel round will be used to fund further business development:
~40% - towards purchases of new inventory,
~30% - towards marketing spend,
The remaining - towards running and optimising operations – paying marketing agencies, renting a larger warehouse and hiring an essential team.

We project to achieve profitability in Year 2 (beginning of 2025) with £1.93 m in sales and £233k in net income.

Year 2-4

  • Team expansion
  • Optimisation of the operational business model
  • Identification of new suppliers and negotiation of pricing
  • Seed and Series A fundraising rounds
  • Entering the EU market

Year 5 onwards

  • Series B fundraising round
  • Launch of own brand line
  • Consideration of the M&A to a large market player or private equity

The Team

Currently, the founder, Diana Rzaieva, is leading the effort and coordinating work across different business functions.
There are also several contractors and professional agencies that are tightly involved into business development and growth.

The company plans to shift outsourced resources in-house within three years, including, but not limited to Paid Social and Paid Google Team, SEO, Content Writing, Email Marketing, and Graphic Design.

Diana Rzaieva, Founder

Diana is an established e-commerce professional with over 9 experience in trade and digital customer growth for new and established businesses.

Former E-commerce Manager at Myprotein (The Hut Group), Planet Organic, As Nature Intended.
Most recently Digital Customer Growth Lead at LGC.

Phillipa James, SEO

Phillipa is a Director of Almond Marketing, a London-based digital marketing agency.

It has a proven reputation for delivering successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns for professional services, consultancy and consumer brands.

Anton Kapkin, Finance

Anton has over 10 years of experience in investment and finance. For the last four years, he worked in the venture capital space advising HNW clients.

Anton holds a Master’s degree in International Finance from the University of Westminster and passed Level II of the CFA program.

Holly Marsh, SEO Content Writer

Holly is a Brighton-based freelance SEO copywriter with over four years of content creation and strategy experience.

Through an intertwining of content and communication-based marketing strategies, she helped multiple D2C businesses to grow.

Diana Rzaieva, Paid Advertisement

Loud Mouth Media is a multi-award-winning performance marketing agency with offices in Belfast, Dublin, London, and Glasgow.

It is a Google premier partner and ranks us as the UK's top 3% agency.

Beta Web Solutions, IT Development

Bet Web Sol is a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in developing and designing websites that can not only rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) but also deliver an excellent user experience.

Investment Proposal

  • Amount: up to £250,000, SEIS eligible
  • Stage of funding: angel round
  • Funding type: common shares
  • Pre-money valuation: £1.5 million
  • Investment structure: direct investment in shares of TwinkleBoo Limited
  • Exit: M&A or private equity

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