About Us

Diana, Founder of TwinkleBoo and her son Oscar

What We Stand For

At TwinkleBoo, we go beyond being just a baby clothing company; we embody a circle of love and care. We recognize that nothing touches a baby's skin more frequently than their clothing, which is why our garments are designed to be as tender as a parent's touch.

We know that baby clothes are in constant contact with your little one's skin throughout the day, making perfection a necessity.

Our unwavering commitment is to offer the best baby clothing without compromising on quality or baby comfort. This dedication leads to a range of benefits, including better sleep, aiding healthy physical growth, promoting more active playtime for brain development, and creating a comfortable environment that soothes your baby's skin and contributes to their overall mental well-being.

“My mission is to foster happier, healthier children and parents, granting them longer, higher-quality sleep and reduced stress. At TwinkleBoo, we are dedicated to providing the love and comfort your baby truly deserves.”

– Diana Rzaieva, Founder of TwinkleBoo
Oscar wearing Bebetto openwork vest from TwinkleBoo

Why We Do What We Do

As a parent, I experienced the anxiety of sleepless nights, tears, and helplessness when my tiny baby suffered from atopic dermatitis. His incessantly itchiness, fiery-red skin tugged at my heart, propelling resulting in me visiting numerous doctor and having to use steroid creams that offered only fleeting relief.

Delving into medical research unveiled eczema's core issue – dehydrated and broken skin cells. I recognised that clothing played a vital role in maintaining the optimum conditions for a baby’s skin.

Despite exploring options from mass-produced to niche brands, I found a glaring void in the UK, EU, and US markets: a babywear solution that encompassed lightweight, hypoallergenic properties, seamlessness, breathability and sustainability. My eureka moment came in the Middle East, where I discovered the perfect babywear, transforming my baby's skin and happiness.

“My experience of sleepless nights, tears, and helplessness when my tiny baby suffered from atopic dermatitis sparked my mission to help other parents facing similar conditions. My unswerving belief is in our duty to provide the best for our children and the world, which led to the inception of my baby clothing company - TwinkleBoo.”

– Diana Rzaieva, Founder of TwinkleBoo

What sets TwinkleBoo apart from other babywear

Outside Seams
Pastel Minis Outside Seam Openwork Sleepsuits

Supreme Comfort

At TwinkleBoo we are dedicated to providing newborns with a unique range of clothing designed to make their transition from the womb to our world as gentle as possible.

Few realise that babies spend their initial nine months in the womb, immersed in water, shielded from external contact.

As they enter the outside world, their delicate skin must adapt to new conditions, which can be a significant source of stress. Since a baby's skin is up to five times thinner than an adult's, we understand the importance of helping them adjust comfortably.

That's why our curated range features seams on the outside, ensuring nothing disturbs the delicate skin that has been accustomed to the warm embrace of a mother's womb.

BabyCosy Sleepsuits Giraffe GOTS Organic Cotton Sleepsuit 2-Pack
BabyCosy Organic Sleepsuits from TwinkleBoo
Oeko Tex

Organic & Sustainable

Moreover, we are committed to the minimal use of synthetic materials in our clothing, excluding only socks and tights that require some elasticity.

Quality remains uncompromised, as we believe in putting the well-being of a child above all else.

We've also made a conscious choice to select clothing made from organically certified cotton, eliminating harmful chemicals from the production process, and promoting sustainability.

For the planet and our children, we've introduced a unique modal fabric range, gentle on both babies' skin and the environment, as its biodegradable and doesn't contribute to landfills.

Navy Life Openwork Printed Romper

Caring for Planet

Each item in our collection is carefully hand-picked to meet our high-quality standards and values.

We're dedicated to minimising plastic use in our supply chain, delivering orders in compostable packaging, and partnering with eco-conscious couriers who use electric vehicles.

At TwinkleBoo, our mission is to provide clothing that not only adorns your little ones but also nurtures their well-being and respects our planet's future.

This is the TwinkleBoo way.